Encounters Vol. III – Dark Depths of The Underearth (5E/3.5E/PF1)

In the darkness beware of the lights.

Salamanders preparing an ambush for unsuspecting travelers. Drow outpost attacked by monsters. An aboleth plotting in the lake deep underground. The creatures of the Underearth lurk in the corridors to drag heroes into the darkness.

This encounter pack contains 10 carefully designed encounters, with monster tactics, leads, hooks, and new monsters and items to spice up your game. Easy to use and drop into any adventure–to fill up blanks on the map, make a long journey more interesting or kickstart another adventure. The dark corridors of the Underearth await!


10 encounters with tactics, hooks, and leads (EL for 5th edition)

  • The Cold Lava (APL4)

  • Salamander Trouble (APL9)

  • The Wine Problem (APL3)

  • Zombie Mushroom (APL5)

  • Crystal Collectors (APL7)

  • Living Shard (APL8)

  • Shrine of the Old Gods (APL6)

  • Enslaved Minds (APL10)

  • Broken Caravan (APL1)

  • Drow Outpost (APL2)

5 new maps (with variants)

  • One crystal cave map (two variants)

  • One underground lake map (two variants)

  • One underground lava lake map

  • One corridor map (two variants)

  • One mushroom grove map (two variants)

6 brand new monsters

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