Encounters Vol. 1-6 - Bundle

A Great Bundle of Encounter Packs!

Fight in the wilderness, go deep into the Underearth, sail across the seas, and stand against terrifying devils in this giant bundle of 60 encounters! No matter if the party is adventuring in the dark forests or trying to fight terrifying fiends, you will find something to keep them busy! Each encounter comes with hooks, tactics and leads that may inspire you start a new adventure!

The price of the bundle already includes 20% discount from the base price of 6 packs sold separately.


6 Encounter packs

  • Encounters Volume I - Skirmishes on Country Roads - learn more

  • Encounters – Volume II – Deadly Sands and Treacherous Seas - learn more

  • Encounters – Volume III – Dark Depths of the Underearth - learn more

  • Encounters – Volume IV – In the Ruins of the Underearth - learn more

  • Encounters Volume V - Wastelands of Hell - learn more

  • Encounters – Volume VI – Wilderness Crossroads - learn more

60 encounters with tactics, hooks, and leads

  • 20 Wilderness-themed encounters for parties level 1-10

  • 10 Hell-themed encounters for parties level 6-11

  • 10 Sea and desert-themed encounters for parties level 1-10

  • 20 Underground themed encounters for parties level 1-10

  • 30 new maps (with variants)

  • 25 brand new maps

5 maps by Zach Moeller (with variants)

  • 20+ new monsters (with custom token art)

  • 10+ new magic items

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