The Goddess and the Fox

Uncover the Story of the Fox Emperor

The Temple of Aeyx, the goddess of the woods of the Fayrebrod Peninsula, has been uncovered, and the evil that was imprisoned inside has started spreading its influence, corrupting and destroying the ancient forest surrounding the temple in its search for the power it lost centuries ago. Searching far and wide, it sent its corrupted beasts to collect the Gems of Power to regain its strength to break out of its prison completely and rain war down on the world once again. Old heroes who once vanquished the evil threatening the Woods of Aeyx have returned after hundreds of years, digging up the history of the goddess and looking for answers and salvation. Little did they know that they would find nothing of the sort. The players have played their pieces, each waiting for the right moment to move. Everyone is after the power and will do anything to seize it. The Fox Emperor is on the hunt, and you are his prey—but is it his game, or is he too a pawn in a greater scheme?

The Goddess and the Fox is an epic tier 2 adventure for the 5th and 3rd editions and Pathfinder Second Edition! Take your players into the Fayrebrod Peninsula, discover the hidden secrets, and save it before it is too late!

  • Fantastic story that will take heroes from level 5 to level 9, with exploration and branching paths, where heroes' choices matter!
  • The Great Aeyx Forest to be hex-crawled by heroes, full of ancient secrets and forgotten magic.
  • Over 28 beautiful maps showing the Woodlands in detail
  • Ten new monsters and multiple unique enemies for heroes to fight!
  • Over 10 new, fully illustrated magic items to give out as rewards for completing challenges and discovering mysteries!
  • Four new, beautiful instrumental pieces composed just for the adventure

Foundry VTT Module

The Goddess and the Fox for Foundry Virtual Tabletop allows you to bring your players right into the action. Featuring FVTT-ready maps, fully walled and lighted, interactive monster statblocks with tokens, and full adventure text inside a beautiful, styled journal entry. With everything set up, you can just import the adventure and be ready for your next game. To make running the adventure easy, The Goddess and the Fox has multiple macros, linked directly from the adventure text, allowing you to quickly set up scenes, change them and even start up the combat encounters.

  • Beautiful, multi-page journal containing the adventure text!
  • Over 30 fully walled and lighted maps, with sound effects and animations!
  • 50+ Actors, fully implemented with custom tokens and art!
  • Over 45 macros to make running the adventure a breeze, so you don't have to waste time prepping.
  • Player handouts and mood art to help you and your players visualize Woods of Aeyx
  • Four new, beautiful tracks composed just for the adventure!

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