Dungeon Crawls Pack - Tier 1

The Dungeons Await

Ever needed a quick dungeon to throw your party in? A place to point the heroes to find that magic macguffin they need or rescue someone they think is important? Our dungeon crawls are for you - short, drop-in dungeons that you can easily adapt and include in your story!

Designed for Tier 1 (level 1-4) heroes, this bundle contains four dungeon crawls that will take heroes to forgotten Crypts of the Fallen Cult, a Sanctuary of Serpents that is hidden deep in the jungle, a Flooded Tower hiding an ancient evil and a Mermaid's Cove where a pirates angered forces of evil and paid the price.

What is a Dungeon Crawl?

Dungeon Crawls are short adventures that are connected to specific places, with a simple story that is easily adaptable to your needs! You can easily place them in any part of your world and connect them to your story - and if you want, you can use them standalone or kickstart a greater campaign!

Inside The Dungeon Crawl

Inside each dungeon crawl, you will find:

  • New, unique map designed for the dungeon, set up with dynamic lighting
  • New monsters with token arts
  • New illustrated items!
  • Adventure text in sorted journal entries!

Inside the Bundle

  • Crypt of the Fallen Cult - 3rd-level undead-themed dungeon crawl that allows players to uncover secrets of the Crypt of the Fallen Cult
  • The Flooded Tower - 4th-level wilderness-themed dungeon crawl that takes players into the forgotten Flooded Tower where a great evil is said be imprisoned
  • Mermaid's Cove - 3rd-level pirate and undead-themed dungeon crawl that takes players into the abandoned pirate's hideout in the Mermaid's Cove to discover the secrets it hides.
  • The Sanctuary of Serpents - 4th-level jungle-themed dungeon crawl where heroes can stop the serpentfolk cultists from resurrecting a great evil
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