Wilderness Pack - Dungeon Crawl and Encounters Bundle

Adventures in the Wilderness Await!

Explore the wilderness in this bundle of two wilderness-themed encounter packs and a dungeon crawl! No matter if the party is stuck in the dark forests or trying to find ancient artifacts, encounters and dungeon crawl in this pack will help you fill the gaps in the map!

The price of the bundle already includes 20% discount from the base price of 2 encounter packs and dungeon crawl sold separately.


Dungeon Crawl

  • Dungeon Crawl - The Flooded Tower - learn more

2 Encounter packs

  • Encounters Volume I - Skirmishes on Country Roads - learn more

  • Encounters – Volume VI – Wilderness Crossroads - learn more

20 encounters with tactics, hooks, and leads

15 new maps (with variants)

  • 5 brand new maps

  • 5 maps by Zach Moeller (with variants)

  • 5 maps by Meditating Munky

10+ new monsters (with custom token art)

5+ new magic items

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