Dungeon Crawl - The Flooded Tower

A mysterious flooded tower stands in the lake in the middle of the forest. Legends tell that ancient mages erected it to hide an unspeakable evil and anyone who tries to find it will die a horrible death. Will you be brave enough to uncover its secrets?

Delve into the Flooded Tower, an ancient structure built hundreds of years ago that was said to be a prison for an evil that terrorized the lands around Blackwood forest. Find a way in and fight through three levels of a place that wants to keep you locked out as much as it wants to keep its prisoner locked in... and probably for a good reason.

The Flooded Tower is a one-shot dungeon crawl for parties at level 4 (or 8) for the 5th and 3.5 editions! Featuring new monsters and a multitude of obstacles for players to overcome, it can be easily dropped in into any wilderness adventure as a point of interest where adventurers can find a treasure - or knowledge - that may aid them in their quest.


  • A dungeon crawl ready to be dropped in any wilderness adventure, with several leads

  • 5 new maps (with walls, lights - and all monsters already placed in correct positions in VTT editions) by Meditating Munky!

  • 3 new monsters

  • Monster tokens by Meditating Munky

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