Dungeon Crawls Pack - Bundle

The Dungeons Await

Inside this bundle, you will find five 5th and 3rd-edition compatible dungeon crawls. From temples hidden deep in the jungle to crypts under the local cemetery, you will fight mighty foes, solve puzzles and find powerful magical treasures. In each dungeon crawl, you will find brand new monsters to vanquish and new magic items to find! Each dungeon crawl comes with maps, tokens, and everything ready for you to use it both in in person play as well as in any VTT!

Inside the Bundle

Inside the bundle, you will find the following dungeon crawls!

  • Crypt of the Fallen Cult (Level 3 or 5) The cult of the devil lords has fallen, and their temple disappeared along with them, punished by the fiends for imprisoning one of their kind. The crypts where the temple once was fell apart, and only the dead roam them now... The dead and the devil, waiting, imprisoned, for someone to cross the threshold once more. Open the Crypt of the Fallen Cult where the worshipers of evil once performed their wicked rituals and uncover the truth about the cult's sudden disappearance. Did forces of good wipe them out... or did one of their deals with the devil turned to be more than they bargained for?

  • The Flooded Tower (Level 5 or 9) - A mysterious flooded tower stands in the lake in the middle of the forest. Legends tell that ancient mages erected it to hide an unspeakable evil and anyone who tries to find it will die a horrible death. Will you be brave enough to uncover its secrets? Delve into the Flooded Tower, an ancient structure built hundreds of years ago that was said to be a prison for an evil that terrorized the lands around Blackwood forest. Find a way in and fight through three levels of a place that wants to keep you locked out as much as it wants to keep its prisoner locked in... and probably for a good reason.

  • Temple of the Blood God (Level 5 or 9) - Rumors of the cult of the ancient Blood God grow louder after the blood moon appears over the jungle, and bloody rain falls for the first time in a thousand years. An ancient temple hidden deep in the jungle may hold the answers you seek - will you risk it all to uncover its secrets? Go deep into the jungle in search of the ancient temple of Dush'bandaar, the Goddess of Blood. Is Her temple really abandoned... or does the blood moon foreshadow something far more sinister happening there?

  • The Unraveled Tower (Level 8 or 13) - Standing in the place between planes, the Unraveled Tower is shrouded in legends. Hiding ancient knowledge and powerful artifacts, the tower lured mages and scholars from across the multiverse. Not all of them returned home, however, losing themselves in the tower, going through the infinite knowledge that could be found there. Will you be able to uncover the secret of the tower, or will you join them in eternity? Discover the way into the Unraveled Tower and find secrets that are hidden there from the eyes of the mortals. Find a way to get to the top of the tower and decide it's fate!

  • Sanctuary of Serpents (Level 4 or 7) - Something sinister is happening in the jungles of Jakatar... Snakefolk terrorize people living in the villages on the edge of the jungle, and the giant serpents kidnap those who try to discover what lurks inside. The rumors say the evil priestess of Shaska’hs found an ancient temple where great evil was once vanquished... but did the heroes of old really destroy it all? Venture deep into the jungle and discover the secret behind the recent kidnappings, and stop the cult of Shaska’hs from unleashing the unspeakable evil upon the people of Jakatar!

New Content

Combined, between all the crawls featured in this bundle, you will find

  • Over 10 new maps, unique to these dungeon crawls

  • More than 10 new monsters that you can throw against the adventurers, all with tokens

  • 10+ new magic items that will make fantastic treasures

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