Dungeon Crawl Pack

Delve Into Seven Fantastic Dungeons and Uncover Their Secrets

Ever needed a quick dungeon to throw your party in? A place to point the heroes to find that magic macguffin they need or rescue someone they think is important? Our dungeon crawls are for you - short, drop-in dungeons that you can easily adapt and include in your story!

In this mega bundle you will find all dungeon crawls released by Dragonshorn Studios! It will take you and your players to such fantastic places like the mysterious Unraveled Tower located between the planes, Temple of the Blood God hidden deep in the jungle, and underground Crypt of the Fallen Cult... and more!

What is a Dungeon Crawl?

Dungeon Crawls are short adventures that are connected to specific places, with a simple story that is easily adaptable to your needs! You can easily place them in any part of your world and connect them to your story - and if you want, you can use them standalone or kickstart a greater campaign!

Inside The Dungeon Crawl

Inside each dungeon crawl, you will find:

  • New, unique map designed for the dungeon, set up with dynamic lighting
  • New monsters with token arts
  • New illustrated items!
  • Adventure text in sorted journal entries!

Inside the Bundle

  • Crypt of the Fallen Cult - 3rd-level undead-themed dungeon crawl that allows players to uncover secrets of the Crypt of the Fallen Cult
  • The Flooded Tower - 4th-level wilderness-themed dungeon crawl that takes players into the forgotten Flooded Tower where a great evil is said be imprisoned
  • Mermaid's Cove - 3rd-level pirate and undead-themed dungeon crawl that takes players into the abandoned pirate's hideout in the Mermaid's Cove to discover the secrets it hides.
  • The Sanctuary of Serpents - 4th-level jungle-themed dungeon crawl where heroes can stop the serpentfolk cultists from resurrecting a great evil
  • Splintered Pyramid - 9th-level desert-themed dungeon crawl where heroes need to escape the pyramid and defeat its mechanical guardians!
  • Temple of the Blood God - 5th-level jungle-themed dungeon crawl that takes players deep into the Temple of the Blood God
  • The Unraveled Tower - 8th-level arcane-themed dungeon crawl that breaks the boundaries of reality and takes the players into the tower between planes
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