Encounters Vol. V – Wastelands of Hell (5E/3.5E)

There is a Devil inside each Hero.

Imp running a workshop in the middle of wastelands. A giant ribcage of a devil long vanquished. An Erynies waiting for a village to succumb to hellish powers. A snake offering power in exchange for a piece of soul. Dangers await in every corner of underworld… will you dare to challenge the servants of hell in their dominion?

This encounter pack contains 10 carefully designed hell-themed encounters for both the 5th edition and 3.5 edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying games, with monster tactics, leads, hooks, and new monsters and items to spice up your game. Easy to use and drop into any adventure–to fill up blanks on the map, make a long journey more interesting or kickstart another adventure.


10 encounters with tactics, hooks, and leads (EL for 5th edition)

  • Deadly Pursuit (APL10)

  • Ambush! (APL7)

  • Customer Service (APL5)

  • The Shaman (APL6)

  • The Ribcage (APL7)

  • Witch’s Lair (APL7)

  • Tree of Power (APL8)

  • Frozen Wastes (APL11)

  • The Sins of the Past (APL10)

  • Ruined Temple (APL8)

5 new maps (with variants) - available as jpg files in gridded and gridless versions

  • One canyon map (one variant)

  • One giant ribcage map (two variants)

  • One wasteland tree map (two variants)

  • One ruined village map (two variants)

  • One cliffside cave map (two variants)

3 brand new monsters (with custom token art)

4 new magic items

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